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What you get when you Book ErnieSAID?

Do the words ‘Booming heart rate – Anxiety – Dread’ describe your emotions as your turn to speak approaches? Do you want someone to turn those words into ‘Comfortable – Confident – Inspired?’ Ernie Boxall understands that speaking is tough; he’s been through on the journey from new networker to a professional speaker, so his ‘Turn Up – Stand Up – Speak Up’ workshops are delivered with the end in mind.

How much stress have you been under as you wait to stand up in front of an audience?

How much income and profit has been lost through a garbled presentation?

How often have you missed out on reward and recognition because you stood at the back of the room when plaudits were being given out?

Why ErnieSAID?

Most business owners and networkers understand they have to give presentations but even for successful people this can cause sickness and sleepless nights, and that can affect business and health.

Ernie inspires his audience through his preparation and performance of presentations, stories, poetry and music, proving that the ability to speak opens up opportunities in business and life.

Who is ErnieSAID?

Ernie is a professional shiatsu practitioner and has taken his ability to put clients at ease into his workshops where he will mentor people in the skills of attracting attention quietly and finishing powerfully. How to use the stage to draw the audience in with your hands and your eyes and how working with his professional practitioners skilled in quelling anxiety is a unique addition to workshops.

A member of Speaking and Networking groups, he had been called on to deliver keynote speeches, step into facilitation spots at a moment’s notice and tell stories about his experiences on a kibbutz at war, a dancer with Lakota peoples and a football coach on the Faeroe Islands.  

What Does ErnieSAID do?

Ernie is available for motivational and keynotes speaking engagements and corporate work. He offers one-to-one mentoring, but demands real commitment as a coach of forty years’ experience of working with football and rugby teams as well as individual athletes.  Ernie has the experience to bring the best out of you.

ErnieSAID Booking enquiries

For speaking engagements, Ernie delivers topics including:

•    Turn Up – Stand Up – Speak Up.

•    The 4 Ps of Perfect Presentations.

•    The 5 Elements of --------------------?

•    Go in the Direction of Your Dreams…the story of George.

•    Getting Fit by Standing Still...virtually.

Ernie is available to deliver T’ai Chi and Shiatsu activities at seminars and corporate functions. He works with charities on their events offering seated shiatsu massage to visitors and with companies on trade stands who are welcome to contact him to discuss events.

His aim is to “Inspire others to inspire others.”

To Book Ernie and pick up his report on ‘4 Unwittingly Made Mistakes People Make When Speaking and the Ten Top Tips to Solve Them.'

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Booming (heart rate) + Anxiety + Dread = BAD

Comfortable + Confident + Inspired = GOOD!