StoryTelling Corner is a complete success...

       StoryTelling Corner Is A Huge Success….says the audience.

   Storytelling returned to Leamington on Thursday 25th January at Slate Art Gallery with the three compelling storytellers, Julie Goddard, Stephanie Summers and Jo Howarth, entertaining and educating an audience ranging from our youngest ever visitor under six to two of our stalwarts let’s say, over 60.

   The evening began with socialising in the creative interior of Slate Art Gallery with wine, beer and snacks provided by the gallery-owner Kate Livingston. The art on show for the final week was a series of nudes, by Neil Moor entitled ‘Sympathetic Magic'

   Kate told us that although each portrait showed a single nude figure, the artist purposely mixed up the body parts from different models to emphasise womanhood rather than one woman. This theme tied in perfectly with our aim to provide equality of opportunity for female storytellers. The aura of creative art and compelling stories was created with that first half hour as the storytellers and the audience mixed and got to know each other.

   The evening was opened with a welcome from Ernie Boxall who delivered a short monologue on an experience which, spread over some forty years, led him to believe it was a historic connection to Kenilworth Castle which led to ‘How I Got Here’.

   Our first storyteller, Julie Goddard, educated us with her knowledge of bronze age Briton…and the myth of ‘What the Romans did for us!’ Roads, language, art and community were all established long before the Romans defeated the various tribes scattered across the country. Julie has the ability to bring the stories of the past into our times by linking her own life-experiences-being continually told she shouldn’t follow her dreams or that her grades made success in her chosen field almost impossible. Julie ended the evening being asked about her business ‘Woodgate Consulting’ helping people ‘be the best they can be.’

Julie’s takeaway lesson is:
“You are the heroine of your own quest. Listen to your supporting characters wisely-we all need people who challenge as well as champion us!”

   Stephanie Summer, the owner of Zoubisou in Leamington amazed us all with her story of how her early life-experiences were almost perfectly set up to allow her to become a successful, published author of a series of eight books under the title ‘Indigo Lost’ following the story of a female with some extraordinary powers, a little like Stephanie herself who combines prolific writing with the long hours running her business. Stephanie closed the evening signing all the books she sold on the evening.

   Finally, it was an honour and privilege to have Jo ‘Happiness’ Howard drive down from Liverpool to deliver an inspirational, and sometimes the tear-inducing story of an actress who was often ‘resting’ and was in a relationship which certainly wasn’t making her ‘happy’. Over the next twenty minutes, Jo used her story, her experience and her exuberance to show us the happiness involved in making a cup of tea.

Jo’s Take Away Lesson:
“Happiness is a choice we are all capable of making every day, regardless of the difficulties we might be facing!”

   Ernie closed the event by thanking everyone for supporting StoryTelling Corner especially Rich Amore Wilks for his professional production of audio/video content. Rich honoured us by being the main storyteller at or November event with his tales of climbing and adventuring around the world.

   Special thanks go to Simmie Korotane for her PR and her enthusiasm for StoryTelling Corner. Simmie has been invaluable over the last five months as we have grown from inception to our first steps. (Perhaps also a thank you to Simmie’s Mom Nim…who came along for her first visit to our venue before flying back home.

   Our next StoryTelling Corner is on Thursday 22nd March at Slate Art Gallery and the theme ‘April Fool’. So, are you a storyteller…are you a female storyteller who could entertain us for twenty-minutes…are you a male with a story to make people laugh.

Go to to join our public page and interact with our community…and then join to become part of our membership.  

Speaking and Equality for Women...Is there a change coming?

Everyone I speak to has seen the rise in female participation in business-ownership!
If that statement is true, then why is it that they are so under-represented and treated unequally in many areas of literature, media and entertainment?
If the above question is valid, what can women do about it?

Ernie Boxall, Owner of StoryTelling Corner in Leamington says "The under-representation of women in arts and entertainment is still very much prominent today. For example, females are given far less dialogue than male actors, because it is men who still get to tell the stories that form our cultural narratives.

We want to redress this imbalance and aim to empower females, providing a stage for their voices to be heard and pave the way for the next generation of storytellers.

To reinforce that pledge, all our future events held throughout the year will be equally represented by both genders."

Show your support for gender equality and join us on the 25th Jan to hear stories from amazing and inspirational females - Stephanie Summers, Julie Goddard, Jo Howarth and our youngest speaker, Scarlett Russell, aged 12.

Tickets for sale on the door or #heforshe#genderequality #storytellingcorner


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Speaking At Short Notice...How to make an Impact!

Speaking at Short Notice…How to make an Impact!

   The generals gathered in small groups around the hall, drawn to their headquarters by a call from the Commander in Chief for an update on the latest tactics for success on the battlefield. The chatter cut through the room as they waited patiently for the expert on latest techniques and equipment which would give the battalion the edge over the enemy situated across the river

   The huddle of uniforms showed that all of the services were represented, the Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces, men and women who had served in war zones all over the world. Some had seen many conflicts, battle-hardened, others were newly promoted and stood quietly around the edges of the various cliques, answering only when they were spoken to.

And then, the door opened, the room went quiet…When they looked towards the door it was filled by the frame of the Commander in Chief, a man of imposing strength and an aura of authority. He spoke…

“Ladies-Gentlemen, take a seat!”

    The room needed no second invitation, they moved like clockwork to the chairs set out around a map of the battlefield, their eyes on the imposing figure on the stage…

“Ladies-Gentlemen. The expert has been held up on the M6…the meeting is cancelled…

   Unlikely. Of course. But how often has this happened to business and network groups, up and down the country, all the time?

1.       How often have you turned up to a conference on a subject which you know could move your business forward, only to find the speaker hasn’t been able to turn up?

2.       How often have you heard the words “We’ve had to cancel the keynote speech?”

3.       How often have you been able to put your hand up and say I’ll do it?

   It happened at the network meeting I attended today. The speaker had been announced and the subject was one I was interested in, except he hadn’t been able to make it. So, was the meeting cancelled? Was the 18 minute 4Sight overlooked and replaced with general networking? Was it a waste of time going?

   Of course not! My only disappointment was that I didn’t have the opportunity to put my hand up. The man himself, Gary Jones had stepped in at short notice and delivered a 4Sight which was full of the tips and techniques of applying social media messages with the minimum fuss.

   Tips and techniques which I have come home and put into practice straight away. So what was the outcome of this presentation for Gary?


1. He was able to practice a presentation he wants to take forward, in a safe arena, to a supportive audience.

2. He received a real ovation for the presentation, which was delivered clearly, on time and without verbal crutches.

3. The kudos of putting his hand up, standing up and speaking up impressed all of us who know Gary…how much business can Gary pick up from the newcomers to the group, those who didn’t know they needed social media training until they heard Gary speak.

   Remember: When you turn up to a meeting- Turn Up with a purpose. When you stand up to present your message- Stand up to be memorable. When you speak up at a meeting- Speak up to be memorable.

 Turn Up – Stand Up – Speak Up with Ernie Boxall


P.S. The Christmas period will allow all of us to spend some time working on our pitches, our 4Sights, our facilitation slots and our keynote presentations.

Check out the ‘4 Unwittingly Made Mistakes Many People Make When Speaking…and the 10 Tips to Solve Them!” at

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