Why Running A Not-For-Profit Venture Has Given Me My Why...but why should you care?

The Starting Point:

I guess the starting point here is to answer the question, What Is My Why?

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I'm a 69-year-old man who has stepped away from his original business because it was failing. I turned to a not-for-profit out of a passion for stories and am now building a platform, not just for other storytellers, but also for me.


I'm a man who has been reading fiction from the age of four and writing for as long as I could hold a pencil. I am also a man who was growing up at a time when we could not talk at the table. I couldn't talk after work because my dad had just arrived back from a ten-hour shift at work. I couldn't talk at night because I shared a bedroom with my brother. I was always being told to shut up at school and at work, no one could hear me.


The 4 Ps of Perfect Presentations:

My first live speaking gig was at a 'hooker's wedding'-a big Kiwi rugger player who's bride was the daughter of Nuneaton Chamber of Trade's chairman. The marquee seated 140 people and each table was fully booked. I did then, without knowing it, what I do now for a presentation. I used the '4 Ps of Perfect Presentations' described in my Free eBook https://www.ErnieSaid.Info


Prepare: Practice: Posture: Perform. Well, I did all four and received a round of applause. That was the moment that  I realised my desire was to talk, to stand in front of a live audience and deliver quality stories.

 Let's jump forward to 2017 when I was persuaded to create a storytelling event by a business owner who then left the UK to go onto a Shamanic retreat in South America-he is still there.

 One evening a month, in Leamington Spa, where I offer a stage for storytellers and authors to entertain a live audience with their true life and fictional tales. An evening where story lovers can sit back in a unique room, with a coffee/tea and piece of cake, to be entertained for two and a half hours.


Who Is It For?

For the authors and storytellers, we offer the opportunity to sell their novels and practise their craft in a safe environment. We have been fortunate enough to attract at least two storytellers who have appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe and authors with multiple published novels.


The opportunity to perform in the depths of a 17th-century candle-lit basement has been enough to attract them to the centre of the country from Newcastle, Liverpool, Gloucester and Wales.



We are proud of the 'differences' we have worked at creating to distinguish ourselves from the 'normal' events, starting with the venue itself.

Temperance Cafe, Bath Street. Leamington. http://www.temperance.bar/ is part of a 250-year-old building which has been through a number of ventures since the 17th century and has now been talked of as 'rapidly becoming the art café of South Town, frequented by an art buying public and intelligentsia.'


Temperance Cafe.jpg

This goes for our audience of art students from the University of Warwick, friends of the performers and theatre-goers looking for an evening with no loud music, shouting or fighting (unless called for in the script).


The storytellers do not have to counter the noise and distractions from bars or libraries, as the norm. We feel this puts us head and shoulders above the competition.




Our Charity Of Choice:

At £3 per person, we feel that we offer real value for money, all of which we donate to our Charity of Choice for the month. So far we have raised over £500 for a variety of charities ranging from supporting abused children to guide dogs. The venue is sponsored by Spa Computers and the staff of Temperance are all on board with the venture. So, if you are a charity and you would like to be part of our venture just contact me at ernie@erniesaid.info We will need a picture and a short personal bio and we will need you, or someone from your organisation to come along on the evening, with a banner and leaflets, to talk to us for ten minutes about the charity.



These are just some of the testimonials we have received:


Thank you, Ernie and team, for a lovely evening last night. The stories about walking in winter were both captivating and inspiring - would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an alternative and heart-warming way to spend an evening.

Sarah Gillespie


Thanks very much for asking me to perform Ernie, it was a fab evening xx Careena Fenton


Thank you for inviting me along to the night, it was great fun and I’ll tell my friends to come along. I’m sure I’ll come again, it was lovely to read in such a supportive atmosphere.

Rose Kelly.


If you are a storyteller or an author these are a few examples of Why you should care.

And in my next post, I'll tell you Who You Are.

Find out more about StoryTelling Corner and join us here: https://www.facebook.com/storytellingcorner/ 

Check my website: http://www.erniesaid.info

StoryTelling Corner 28th March: Traveller's Tales and New Faces

One of the most entertaining ways to spend an evening at Temperance Cafe, Leamington Spa, if you are a storyteller or a story lover to be emotionally transported by compelling tales which ignites pictures of action, moving people and creating dreams.

What begins as a desire to write stories, or read stories, becomes an opportunity to perform those stories in front of a live audience. And, on the 28th March, StoryTelling Corner is being visited by our guest storyteller, the Traveller: Faye Kankowski. Faye is travelling down from Newcastle to perform her unique blend of tales and action-pact delivery.
Our new face belongs to local writer Rosie Kelly:
I currently live in Leamington but I will soon be moving up to Manchester to begin a Creative Writing MA. I am a regular at Temperance where I sit and write and read and eat cake (I am currently almost finished with the English Literature and Creative Writing BA at Warwick). I heard about Storytelling Corner directly from Adrian after attending one of their poetry events and really enjoying it. 

The story I would like to read is about a man I observed in another lovely cafe, this one in London near where my partner used to live. I love people watching, so I decided to fictionalise one of the many people I used to secretly stare at. 

Lindsay Woodward, Berni Albrighton, Dawn Bolton and Robert Ferguson have appeared on stage in the past and have kindly agreed to come back to delight us again with their stories and professional delivery.

Our Charity of Choice is: Guide Dogs for the Blind, Leamington Spa. (All our door takings go to the charity) and we have to thank our sponsors:
Spa Computers:
22 Park Street
Leamington Spa, CV32 4QN
01926 337 648

Would You Talk To A Complete Stranger?

I sat in Temperance Cafe, Leamington, today, working on StoryTelling Corner when a couple came in and sat down close by.

I heard the man talking about the cafe and guessed that he's been before but his girlfriend had not.

"Have you seen downstairs?"

The man nodded but the girl replied "No".

I love the cafe and described the history of the building and the special place the basement plays in the entertainment quality of Temperance.

"Do you like stories?" I asked.

Her face lit up. Pure energy and joy transformed what was an already attractive woman into a picture of real beauty. Her eyes lit up. Her mouth opened wide in a smile even as she began to gush about her love of Victorian tales and myths.

Her Liverpool accent became stronger as excitement streamed from every pore (I hold my hand up as a male old enough to be her grandfather) the rest of the room disappeared into a haze as we spent, what, a few seconds, a few minutes talking about telling stories.

I asked about opportunities in Liverpool for storytelling and was surprised to hear her say that she hadn't found any- perhaps she just hadn't been prompted- but I gave her a note to look up the Society of Storytellers and the link to StoryTelling Corner. I hope she takes them up. Because the few minutes we spent in the cafe proved that she had the basis to be a wonderful teller of tales.

Don't forget. If you love tales. If you love telling tales, then next Thursday evenings StoryTelling Corner should be a must visit in your diary.
Temperance Cafe, 33 Bath Street, Leamington Spa. CV31 3AF
7 pm - 10 pm: £3 (on the door)