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SAID Performance Success Coaching. 

As another year comes to an end, it’s time to start planning for even greater success in 2018

As a professional speaker part of my Success Plan for 2018, for you, would be to start working with a coach.

Almost all of the top performers in any field have had a coach at one time or another in their professional careers.

What can a coach do for you?

A coach can help you perform (your speech) to a higher level. Here’s how!

1.     A good coach will keep you motivated. Since you will have to report regularly to your coach, you will get constant feedback and encouragement, which will keep you motivated to achieve their best.

2.     A good coach will offer you a system for success. With the system you will be more likely to stick with it. Plus, you won’t be taking just a hit-or-miss approach to success.

3.     A good coach will help you learn to plan your presentation. Your coach will help you set goals that are realistic and design training that will help you achieve these goals. In other words, a good coach will keep you focused.

4.     A good coach will offer you professional advice. After a while, you won’t rely on your coach for every decision you make about your career or performance. But you will still want the coach around when you need a little professional advice.

5.     A good coach will help you get beyond certain plateaus when you no longer seem to be moving ahead and improving. Working alone, you might feel stuck at a certain point in your career. A good coach will help you overcome those blocks and move to the next level of performance and accomplishment.

6.     A good coach will help you accurately evaluate your own performance with the positive because people often focus on the negative and only see our faults and failures. A good coach will help you see things more easily.

7.      A good coach will make the process fun. Let’s face it, what’s the sense in striving for your highest level if you are not going to enjoy the process? Your coach will help you design a working schedule that will not overwhelm you. So you will enjoy the entire process of achieving your best.

8.     Most importantly, a good coach is flexible and works around you. But also holds you responsible for your own time management and diary.

Top performers in all fields will probably tell you that they wouldn’t be where they are without a good coach.

If you want to speak like a top performer and you want a good coach here are 2 options, that will make monthly one-to-one coaching sessions with me Ernie SAID affordable in 2018.

Option #1 Weekly coaching sessions from January 2018.

Sign Up before 12th December and get 6 sessions just £280 (normally £320). OR sign up for the 90 Day Accelerator Programme (worth £997) for just 4 payments of £200. (You SAVE £197)

Option #2 Twice weekly coaching sessions from January 2017 just £70 per session, or just sign up for the entire year (worth £5,000) for just 10 payments of £400. (You SAVE £1,000)

Don’t plan to fail in 2017 by failing to plan. Plan to succeed.

Sign up for one of these yearly programmes and receive 2 tickets for our 1 day workshop where we will go into depth with all the tips and techniques you will need to become a successful speaker.