How Do You Know You’ve Been Listening To A Good Presentation? How Do You Know You Have Given One?

How do you know what a good presentation looks like, sounds like and works?
Few of us were born with the skills to speak on stage, I know I wasn’t. So, you have sat through a 40 or 60 second network pitch: A 20 minute story or a 45 minute keynote. What can you do to take lessons from it and then improve it for yourself?

I have been using a system which has served me well for six months now.

What Did I Like?
What Would I Change?
What Do I Remember?

When you’re listening to a presentation is it possible to make a note.

What did I like?

  • 2 mins: Liked the way the speaker began the presentation with a question (ex)
  • ·8 mins: Liked the way the speaker paused and looked around the room.

What would I change?

  • At the beginning, the speaker didn’t welcome the audience, make sure I do this
  • 6 mins: I would not have put my hands in my pocket
  • 10 mins: I would have given a call to action here.

What do I remember?

  •  I remember that the speaker talked about the influence his mother had on his early choices and the lesson he attached to the story
  • I remember the strapline the speaker used to close the presentation
  • I remember the speaker smiled as she walked off the stage.

If you follow these steps it will go a long way towards answering some of the questions you may have.

  • ]Why am I still anxious? Why am I still having trouble talking about my service? What can I do about it
  • The three questions you ask yourself will go a long way towards helping you understand what a good presentation looks and sounds like. For more help on making memorable presentations Click on the links on the site.