Where Can SAID Take You...and what's the benefit?

Storytelling Corner

I’m sure that you’ve been invited to many evening entertainments and you’ll be wondering if Storytelling Corner is for you.

Storytelling Corner is for people who have a passion for writing stories, telling stories and just listening to stories OR just having an evening of social interaction and culture.

We asked the people at the last Storytelling Corner what they thought of the evening and received the following feedback.                                                                                               What they said:

“Hi, Ernie-just wanted to put in writing just how good/original we thought the evening was last Thursday=much enjoyed the experience. Understood, relaxed and most original” FIzz

“ Listening to, clearly authors-I remember, in particular, the story of The Grandfather ” Marc

What Is “Storytelling Corner” About? An evening with a difference, an evening without loud music, without shouting and without fighting (unless it’s in the script) compelling, adventurous, dramatic, mysterious and humorous stories based on fact or fiction.

Don’t miss #Storytelling Corner it’s about giving storytellers and authors a platform for their craft and the public an enjoyable evening out – wine/spirits/tea and coffee with snacks.

When you leave Storytelling Corner you will have told your story, listened to professionals tell their stories and met exciting new people in a cultural setting which will give you talking points during the breaks.

What’s the Future of Storytelling Corner? 28th November 2017 will be the last event of the year, but the start of Storytelling Corner 2018 in January. We open the year with:
‘How We  Got Here? A physical or philosophical question.’

What's the Benefit for Me? Storytelling Corner rose from a passion for writing, for stories and for speaking. But, it wasn't always like that. I was never either encouraged or often allowed to speak. It took a best man's speech at 21 to find my real voice.
From that moment, I not only took every opportunity to speak but also changed my job in a factory to one in coaching sports fitness, then teaching and finally into self-employment. I am now the owner of Storytelling Corner.

Our Facebook Page @storytellingcorner we’d love to see you at one of our events.                     https://www.facebook.com/storytellingcorner/