Falling Off A Scooter...Reasons To be Grateful!


Falling Off A Motor Scooter and the Reasons I am Grateful!
Ernie Boxall


On Friday 8th, December, 2018 I became very grateful. After being thrown off a motor scooter I found so many reasons to be grateful, but how?

I had a full day of meetings and work and left home in the bright sunshine. A T'ai Chi session and a 1-2-1 meeting with a business owner in the morning, up to 2 pm. I was due to meet a client for an exercise session at 3 pm, but she called to ask if 3.30 pm would be OK?

I agreed and arrived at the centre in plenty of time, we had a one-hour session which finished at 4.30 pm.

By this time, the evening had turned dark and cold, but the roads were clear of any snow so it seemed the ride home would be uneventful. How wrong could I be?

On the corner, the front wheel went from under me and threw me off the scooter. I hit the concrete and the scooter came down on my leg. In the cold and dark, I was trapped beneath it, on a dark corner with traffic behind me. What had I got to be grateful for?

  • Even though I was not travelling quickly I had my crash helmet on and it saved my head as it hit the road. 
  • The lady in the car behind me was travelling in the outside lane and slowly enough to stop and help me.
  • The driver of the car behind her, who did not have the patience to wait, drove on the inside of both of us and his wheels missed my head by a few feet.
  • When I picked the scooter up it started the first time and got me home. When I was home and in pain from ribs, I had a friend willing to drive me to the A&E.
  • The staff at A&E especially the way they dealt with drunks and even letting me stay inside until the bus came at 22.20.
  • The bus route took me passed Leamington Spa Station where taxis line up.
  • the taxi ride only costing £8.

Grateful for all the people who have come on and support me.

I am also grateful for the skills and the opportunity to cover the event on Facebook Live so that I can tell my story, tell people I am grateful and get the story out of my system.


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