ErnieSAID: StoryTelling Corner. January 25th 2018.

The story behind Episode Three:

How Did I Get Here?

There is, I am told, an ‘Ugly Truth’ for females.

If all the novels, all the plays, and all the films where females are main characters were removed, shelves would still be full. If all the novels, plays and films where females spoke as often as men were removed, the shelves would be empty.

StoryTelling Corner aims to redress the balance with an evening dedicated to female storytellers of the highest quality.

The first evening of 2018 gives four special guest speakers the stage to open up the year. Jo 'Happiness' Howard, Helena Whyment-Lester, Stephanie Summers and Julie Goddard, will enthral us all with two hours of fiction and non-fiction stories.

These compelling stories, physical, psychological and mystical, will be all woven into an evening where everyone can sit back and be entertained.

Held at the Slate Art Gallery, the venue provides the perfect setting for tales told in a location where artists’ lives are placed in full public view.

Tickets are priced at £7.00, or £6.00 for StoryTelling Corner members. How do you become a member? Simply like our page and join our StoryTelling Corner community page! Tickets can be purchased at or by contacting Ernie Boxall, or 07962 216833.