Another Day When Nothing Happened... except

'Nothing happened yesterday... except that as I was riding to the railway station and sadly came across the corpse of a badger, run over just recently because the body was still warm and the blood on the road fresh.

I always try to move 'road-kill' onto the grass verge because, as a biker, I'd like to think that if my body was lying there someone would move it before the next car ran over it.

As I bent down to put the body the body under a tree in peace, my mobile fell out of my pockt. As I picked it up and put it back in my jacket I couldn't feel my purse. I had left it at home.  

The purse had my rail tickets and my debit cards. If I had not stopped for the badger I would have arrived at the station without my tickets and no cards to buy replacements.

I wish it had happened in some other way but if I had not stopped for the badger, nothing would have happened to me.

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