Is Jesus black.

Controversial title, and why not?

There's always a story out there,it just needs to be recognised and written about, or spoken about. 

Here's mine for today. I was walking though Leamington Spa to pick up my scooter from the garage. Nothing unusual in that except that today I'm wearing a boot on my right leg because I've been diagnosed with a ruptured achiles tendon. 

As I approached the road crossing a young black guy approached me, mid-twenties possibly. He stopped in front and in a friendly voice said "What if by the time you went around that corner, you could take that off and be healed?"

The point is he said it in a non threatening,matter of fact way. 

I just replied that it would be "better when it's better."

That's positive he said, "Just imagine." We shook hands and went our separate ways.  

I didn't take the boot off but picked the scooter up and rode home. The boot has been uncomfortable though, so when I was in I took the support off.  

Believe me or not there was more strength in pthe ankle, I was walking more smoothly, and tonight have been carrying a heave rucksack around Birmingham waiting for the next train. 

No discomfort.   

What do you think? Could the healer be a young black man walking around Leamington?