Who Needs Another ‘Bloody’ Coach? Or Why Telling Your Story Pays…

A couple of weeks ago I was present at an event in Warwick* and arrived early. I saw the host talking to a woman and heard him tell her that the networking would start in a quarter of an hour. He busied himself getting the room ready, so I took the opportunity to speak to the lady and began the conversation, ‘What do you do?’

“I’m a coach,” she replied, and as I’m a coach as well, that could have been the end of the connection. However, I have learned that you never walk away from a conversation with someone in your line of work. I have learned that everyone has a story, and those stories tell you more about the person than the title of his or her business.

Let me introduce Michelle Townsend. Life Coach/Autism Coach-Mum of Twins-Lover of Coffee (and how!!) Blogger and Educator.

Michelle’s Story…

Michelle told me the bones of her story in the time we were waiting for others to arrive and I connected straight away. You see there are differing schools of thought about stories.

“I’m bored with stories!”

“No one is interested in you, only what you can do for me!”   OR

“I know they do X and I’m not in the market for that at the moment. But 'bloody hell' what a story!”

“I have two or three connections who do X, but this person has shown the guts and business sense to be successful despite (you name the possible traumas or injuries.)

I wanted to know more about this lady's story, so we connected through social media.

The Story Connects.

Michelle’s story made an impact when she said she coached people with autism, and she had not had the conventional education. (if you want to know more link up with Michelle at www,pushyourlimitsukcoaching.com)

I have two good friends at Seasons Restaurant in Leamington Spa who set aside time twice a month specifically for families with autistic children.

However, it wasn’t just that. On her own admission, Michelle went through many years where the thought of speaking to groups of people would have sent her into hiding, but she stuck two fingers (metaphorically perhaps) up to the detractors who labelled her.

The Clincher

That evening, as I sat comfortably at home going through my notes and Facebook Michelle’s face popped up doing a live chat, from her phone, talking about the event, something I’d been procrastinating over. And since I’m a speaker it seemed damn stupid that I wasn’t speaking on any social media platforms. The next day I told a story on Facebook video.

The Story Continues…

21.48 on 29/03/2017 we met for a One to One.

Only it wasn’t so much a one to one as Michelle wowed me with her ability to understand the apps and settings for various channels to deliver presentations/conferences/eBooks and probably coffee on the internet.

It was nearly two hours of content, information and advice on upping my social media speaking. Yes, I bought the coffee, but it was worth much more than that. I would say to anyone who visits her website www.pushyourlimitsukcoaching don’t leave it without speaking to her. SHE HAS A STORY! 
Can you tell your story?                                                       

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