Power of Presentations

“The Power of the Presentation”

How much kudos do you pay to presentations? I ask that because on the evening of the 7th June 2017 I sat with the visitors of Leamington Hour to listen to Anna Jackson the Fundraising Co-Ordinator for South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust.

I had spoken to Anna beforehand, but she didn’t want to go too deeply into her presentation for obvious reasons, but she did mention it would be about fundraising for the NHS.

I have worked in the NHS, and I know the millions of pounds that are wasted by the organisation, so I was sceptical about the presentation.

Anna nailed it!

The presentation buzzed. Anna danced her way through 20 minutes of passionate information about raising money for a new midwife-led Birthing Unit at Warwick Hospital. They have the location in a 22-bed ward which can be converted within a year to contain the following:

En-suite rooms for the women in labour.
Two additional water birth pools to add to 2 already being planned.
Temperature and light controls.
A leisure room for families during the day and a room fathers can use if the birth takes place at night when traditionally fathers have to leave the hospital.
Poles situated so that the mothers-to-be could give birth in the squat position which is now apparently favoured.

I do remember the trials my partner and I had at the birth of my middle daughter particularly, with long walks up and down the ward corridors waiting for the birth to begin.  Having to leave my partner soon after birth and the next morning coming into a room that was swelteringly hot with my partner screaming that she wanted to get out.

I’m sure there were more benefits Anna mentioned, but by the end of the presentation I donated my time to help fundraising events and was just about ready to buy the unit for them myself (no I don’t have that kind of money).

It was the power of the presentation, the enthusiasm of the speaker and the ability to speak for 20 minutes without notes.

Have presentations motivated you?