The Night Before The Bucket List!

  How do you portray excitement in speaking? Actions: Speed: A high tone of voice? It can be done with ease for even a decent speaker. But can that excitement be replicated in writing? I'm going to try.

  This evening, as I sit sedately at the keyboard tapping out an another article for the website, I am finding the words fairly easy to tap on to the screen, but the speed of my fingers make no difference tot he reader. The force of hitting the keys fails to effect the emotions that a high pitched, louder tone of voice can portray. But I will try to describe the feelings this evening as I am fourteen or so hours away from ticking off one of my bucket list items.

  At 6 am tomorrow morning, I will rise, dress and prepare for a journey from Leamington Spa to (hopefully) sunny Scunthorpe in Yorkshire to spend the day on a speedway bike. Yes! I ride a motor scooter, and between the ages of 16 and 18 I was a regular visitor to Brandon Stadium the home of the 'Mighty' Coventry Bees, but to feel the sense of elation and some fear about what is about to happen is an emotion I have not experienced for a long time. 

  The thought of donning leathers; a steel shoe on the left foot, protective gear and a helmet is, even now bringing a tingling sensation to my fingers. My breathing is more rapid, and there are knots in my stomach.

  1. The very act of taking a corner for the first time and trying to turn the wheel away from the corner instead of into it.
  2. Leaning over the handlebars instead of sitting back as I approach with no brakes,
  3. Sticking my left foot out into fresh air and hoping it makes contact with the cinders
  4. Holding this bucking bronco in a slide as I negotiate the right line for a successful lap

  Or, on my instructor's orders, taking it easy to get used to the bike and the track, to go round the lap at a speed which won't induce a slide or the front wheel t ride of the ground as I pass under the tape for the first time.

  Whatever happens tonight I am excited. Tomorrow I will be nervous. Tomorrow night I will be...Nigel Boocock, Ray Mountford, Les Owen, Barry Briggs, Peter Craven, Soren Sjosten and Ole Olsen for just a few hours.