Workshops! What The Hell Am I Doing Them For? I’ll Never Make a Go of Them?

Workshops! What The Hell Am I Doing Them For? I’ll Never Make a Go of Them?              Have you ever heard yourself saying that?

It was a grey, lifeless afternoon as I sat at the computer writing copy for the next workshop I was running, and trying to increase the interest at least, in taking up the chance to attend a one-day workshop.
Have you ever had a day like that?

What’s the issue?

‘Turn Up – Stand Up – Speak Up’ is where business owners and networkers who have sleepless nights, and anxiety as their presentation approaches, can receive valuable tips and techniques in how to become more comfortable standing in front of an audience or a camera, and we both know they are out there.

I was searching for some content inspiration when the thought, the ultra-negative thought, came to me. The ‘must be careful what we say to ourselves’ thought flooded over me “What the hell am I doing this for…I’ll never make a go of it!”

I speak. I have presented hundreds of times in my life, to people who have paid or are paid to listen to me. I mentor the people who have problems speaking effectively. I run workshops but then again so do 7,987* other people in the UK, and they have been making an impact for so much longer than I have. I‘ve been in this business for over a year now, and it’s still not easy filling the seats or having a waiting list. There’s just so much to do that today it overwhelmed me. (I blame the eclipse of the Sun).
* Totally made up number, but you know what I mean.

What’s an answer?

Well, if you’ve reached here, and you know me, you can probably say what my next action was, can’t you? A good verbal kick up the backside, tip the hat to all the other speakers and coaches out there and get back to writing the content. Because I know the value of the courses, I’ve run so far.

Why carry on?

 I’ve seen the improvements in the people I have worked with, and the testimonials people who came to the workshop have given, to camera. And I took confidence from seeing that I am making an impact on lives and profits.

I’m not where I want to be yet! There are people charging much higher fees than I am and working with hundreds more people than I am…But that’s now. The work has value, and my job is to find the 10 – 15 people willing to spend the time with me and then the 2 – 3 agreeing to spend more money on the programmes I offer.


What’s the end goal?

The motivation is that others have done similar courses before me, I understand that. But they haven’t put on my course. I have something different to offer a client who wants more than the tips and techniques of standing on the stage. I’m offering the help to get on the stage in the first place, and my options as to how the client faces the audience look into the camera confidently.

Over the coming years, I want to see the people who had those sleepless nights, the sickness and anxiety stand up and make an impact.

I want them to ‘Turn Up: To Stand Up: To Speak Up and why telling their story, life or business will improve their health and their lifestyle.
‘Your Life Is Your Story…do not let it stagnate!’ Ernie Boxall