Network Presentations Made Memorable!

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to stride towards a podium, turn and face an audience confident in the knowledge that you are ready, prepared and inspired to deliver a presentation which is going to make an impression on as many people as possible?

No need for sleepless nights, anxiety, and sickness or dread as your turn to speak approaches…It doesn’t work like that though does it? Does it?

On a scale of 0-10 where 0 is confident, and 10 is frantic…where is your anxiety level when you are asked to speak?

When you meet a business colleague for the first time, how comfortable are you sitting across the table and talking about your business?

At network presentations, which words describe your emotions stirring as you wait your turn to speak? Anxiety? Dread? Fear? OR Comfortable? Confident? Inspired?

Look! You wouldn’t be speaking to other business owners if it wasn’t for the success you’ve already had. But speaking might not be top of your skills. But ask yourself these questions:

·        How much have you spent on subscriptions and meeting fees since you set up your business?

·        Have you recovered or exceeded that amount.
If you have, what toll did it take on your health?

·        If you haven’t why you have used the same strategy over and over     again?

·        Why haven’t you sought out a mentor or workshop?


You need to understand how to:

·        Introduce yourself and your business. Turning Up.

·        Make your business presentation have an impact. Standing Up.

·        Make your delivery memorable. Speaking Up.

There are high powered, effective and low-cost practical tips to improve your Preparation, Practice, Posture & Presentation which will gain or maintain your current level of business while quelling the negative emotions causing so much stress.

Learn to create elevator pitches, facilitation slots, keynote speeches and workshop presentations. With a unique blend of tips and techniques, video presentations and evaluations you can put aside your negative emotions, your low self-esteem and your health issues.


Your fears and those of the people you know can bring an open mind about the limits you can smash by working on posture and directing your performance to produce speeches that cause prospects to be motivated to buy your skills.

By the end of every workshop you:

  • KNOW how to prepare your next presentation

  • HAVE practised your presentation and made it MORE memorable

  • DISCOVERED how to stand up, so that EVERYONE can see you

  • PRACTICED speaking up so that everyone HEARS you.

How much does that mean to you?