Speaking and Equality for Women...Is there a change coming?

Everyone I speak to has seen the rise in female participation in business-ownership!
If that statement is true, then why is it that they are so under-represented and treated unequally in many areas of literature, media and entertainment?
If the above question is valid, what can women do about it?

Ernie Boxall, Owner of StoryTelling Corner in Leamington says "The under-representation of women in arts and entertainment is still very much prominent today. For example, females are given far less dialogue than male actors, because it is men who still get to tell the stories that form our cultural narratives.

We want to redress this imbalance and aim to empower females, providing a stage for their voices to be heard and pave the way for the next generation of storytellers.

To reinforce that pledge, all our future events held throughout the year will be equally represented by both genders."

Show your support for gender equality and join us on the 25th Jan to hear stories from amazing and inspirational females - Stephanie Summers, Julie Goddard, Jo Howarth and our youngest speaker, Scarlett Russell, aged 12.

Tickets for sale on the door or www.episodethree.eventbrite.co.uk #heforshe#genderequality #storytellingcorner


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