Coyote...The First April Fool?

“They say that First Man sent Coyote to discover the source of the dawn. The first thing he did was to steal two of Water Monster’s children, keeping them tucked under his arm while great flood ravaged the land, but that certainly isn’t the worst thing he did.

First Man gave him the name Coyote, which ruffled his fur the wrong way, so he renamed him First Angry, which, in the end, he accepted, and went on his way. It was after that, however, that he stole the polestar, which First Man and First Woman had laid out on the piece of blue velvet; then tried to steal the sun, but it was too hot to hold on his tongue, and he had to spit it out. (from Tunkashila…a Mythological Saga of Native Americans)

The tales of the fool have probably been told since people began to gather together and live in one place, but the way we treat the fool , and the story of the fool differs between cultures. The Native Americans and many other aboriginals treated their ‘fools’ as special, with the gift to bring humour and much needed laughter to the tribe. In the west we often had a different approach to ‘fools’.

On March 22nd we, at StoryTelling Corner honour April 1st and all ‘fools’.