Storytelling Corner: 24th January, 2019. International Book Month

It’s that time of year again. A new start and here at StoryTelling Corner we’re gearing up for the events of 2019..

I'm sure you've have your fair share of 'Things To Do' already but we have one more to offer you.

We're excited to be holding an evening of storytelling, from authors across the Midlands, at Temperance Café, Leamington Spa on Thursday, 24th Januarywhere the doors will already be open for our 7 pm meet. The first STC, in 2019 includes authors of fiction covering a wide range of genres, including romance, sci-fi, horror and ancient lore. It will be a great evening, with the Charity of Choice this month being SAFELINE. A charity supporting victims of sexual rape and violence, truly a subject which has been in the news so often.

2019 is looking like it’s also going to be an exciting year for StoryTelling Corner with our ability to attract, and I believe, do justice to top storytellers from across the country. - We know that 2018 was something special with storytellers travelling from as far north as Newcastle and Liverpool and as far south as the Forest of Dean and Hereford.

So, what do we have in store for January?

We all know that planning an event takes time and a lot of organisation and so we are especially grateful to our list of storytellers this month who have come forward so readily to entertain us.
John Zetterstrom, Rob May, Lindsay Woodward and David Etheridge, will all be first-time visitors to StoryTelling Corner and will be joined by regular supporters, Simon Bewick and  Nick Le Mesurier. All authors and storytellers eager to step up onto the stage at Temperance.

That’s why we’re sending out this well-intended call: If you would like to be in the audience for this evening then just contact me here at Or simply turn up on the evening. 

Here at StoryTelling Corner, and Temperance Café we’re more than happy to help you make sure your evening is a success.
Our office never closes so please, if you have any stories that you wish to entertain us with, make sure you contact us as soon as possible.

That’s all folks. See you on the 24th.