A Salute to the Servicemen and Women.

StoryTelling Corner: 24th October 2019.

With Armistice Day around the corner and the fact that two of my daughters joined the services but did not see action, I want to dedicate October's event to our charity of the month, Troop Aid.

This wonderful charity was founded in November 2006 by three ex-servicemen in Solihull, West Midlands
The objective of TROOP AID was then and still is today to supply the ‘’basic essentials'' when service casualties are admitted to hospital while they are serving their country

Examples of what we supply are the basic essentials in a GRAB BAG for males and females. Besides the Grab Bag, we also stock warm clothing. such as Fleeces,

Our GRAB BAGS are currently being distributed to the UK Military Hospital Units throughout the world plus all Ministry of Defence Hospital Units throughout the UK.
“A small Charity with a worldwide reach”

Save the date for this wonderful event and share it with all your friends and family! Come on down to Temperance Café on Thursday 24th, October at 7 pm to support this wonderful charity and hear some fabulous performances! 💕

Learn more about Troop Aid:
Website: https://www.troopaid.info/
Instagram: troopaiduk
Twitter: TroopAidUK
YouTube: Troop Aid UK