Storytelling for Business...When nothing happens at networking...Try This!

Did you know that you can make more impact by using your own story to attract clients who don't know you yet?

When you stand up to speak to an audience about your business, your service, your craft or your company, did you know that you can make more impact by using your own story to attract clients who don't know you yet?

I was talking to a network meeting in 2018 and spoke about the barriers to my own self worth and self appreciation.
"When I was growing up we weren't allowed to talk at the dinner table. I wasn't allowed to talk after dinner because my father had just come home from a 12 hour shift at the factory. I couldn't talk at night because my brother shared my bedroom and we were always being told to be quiet and 'go to sleep'. I was always being told to shut up at school and in the factory no one could hear me."

In the 1-2-1 round three people approached me, before I had a chance to approach anyone I wanted to talk to, and asked for some time. They attended my workshops, they improved their presentation skills and did more business.

Your story can be tailored to your audience. It allows you to tick some of the boxes below.


  • Aim at the right targets.

  • If they haven't bought from you before, they will want to know who you are.

  • When you talk about your life there is a good chance people you are talking to are going/or have gone through the same thing. You are then selling the method, the service or the tool which got you through.

  • If you can show that where you've been, what you do or what you've used, then you are sharing a benefit.

  • Take all the services, all the skills and all the benefits or solutions and match them to different audiences by using different stories.


Who are you trying to influence:


  • Accountants: Tell the stories of your battles, victories and defeats with HMRC.

  • Bookkeepers: The number of times you have had receipts in black, plastic bags and still produced the figures on time.

  • Car Mechanics: Talk about those cars that have broken down on the way home and how you've been able to repair them to the owners satisfaction.



Each and every one of the people in the group has stories. We probably write some of them in our blogs. I'm pretty sure there are those amongst us who are very glad that they took to video or podcasts to tell their story, attract interested parties and make a bigger impact.

Remember, you want to stand out, be noticed and be remembered.

If I told you that at eight years of age I came home from school and found that my father had sold our beds (he was a very bohemian man and went through a stage of believing that beds and mattresses were bourgeois).

He led me into my bedroom and pointed to a couple of wooden pallets and lots of straw. For nearly four months I slept on those pallets, the mattress was straw and he allowed me to keep the underlay, pillar and blankets. Even my equally eccentric mother put her foot down when she had had enough of this.*

That story, as part of a 20 minutes foresight on early-life lessons brought requests for one to one meetings for weeks.

* It wasn't my story, by the way, it was told to us by a business owner who was now a partner in a very success Health and Safety company. She told a personal story which captivated us and acted like a magnet. She told her story and  people remembered HER. People, perhaps, didn't remember her company name yet! Or many of the words she spoke. But they remembered her story.