Storytelling! Why Why Do I Put As Much Energy Into Performing To An Audience of Two As To An Audience Of Two Hundred?

A week ago (23rd May, 2019) I performed the opening of my one-man storytelling show in Leamington Spa. The event wasn’t meant to have happened so quickly and I was lucky that I had a ready made outline of a story.
But, when I realised that no one had bought tickets and with a few days to go had no idea if anyone would pay at the door, I was left with a choice.

  1. To send out a message that the evening had been cancelled.

  2. Go ahead with the evening, advertise it as a one-man storytelling show and see what happens.

    I decided on the second option and turned up with my slides, my props and my story determined to put on a show whether anyone turned up or not.

    You never know who is in the audience even an audience of two. This performance was to a social media expert and a photographer. I played a one hour, one-man show and put my heart and soul into it.
    As it turns out the next event looks like being a sell out because they know people and they know people who are storytellers, authors and story lovers.

    1. What if I had called off?

    2. What if I had sold them short. Would this performance have been my last?

      Make the audience go home remembering you. For all the right reasons.
      If you are a storyteller, an author, a poet or a story lover our next event is on Thursday 20th, June at Temperance Cafe, 33 Bath Street, Leamington Spa. CV31 3AF.
      7 pm.
      £3 at the door with donations going to Hibbs Lupus Trust, this month.