Never Talk To Strangers! Right?

What's On Your Mind? 
That's the question which greets me on my Facebook page. Today, it's Kate. Kate, who?

I don't know. You see, that's the point.

Today, I caught the bus from Kenilworth to Leamington and passed a smile and a few words with her before we both got on the same bus. We shared a small joke about my letting her get on first (ever the gentleman).

Katie's accent was strong and confident, I liked that. It wasn't British.

We sat down on opposite sides of the aisle and normally that would have been that.

But, I'm no longer normal.

"Do you talk to strangers, or would you prefer quiet, I asked? I knew she wasn't English so I knew there would be a chance that she wouldn't ignore me.

"I talk to strangers" she replied with a smile.

I moved over to sit with her and we talked all the way into Leamington.

It changed the day.

Be a Storyteller and talk to a stranger,

Thank you, Kate. Whoever you are.