StoryTelling Corner 30th July: Poets and Prose.

On Tuesday 30th July, I will be at Temperance Cafe, Leamington Spa. Help us draw back the curtain:

It's a platform to offer storytellers, poets and musicians a stage for their crafts and to entertain real story lovers.
We have, Adam Szecowski: Matthew Amanda Bates: Roanne Finch: Pat Spence and Judith Weir.
Our Charity of Choice is Herd and Grow.

Entrance is £3 (all donated to our charity)

Since October, 2017 we have produced an evening of entertainment in Leamington Spa bringing together story tellers from as far afield as Newcastle, Liverpool, Hereford and Cardiff to tell us their stories. Their life stories, read chapters from the own novels, re-tell the myths and legends from the past, play the guitar and flute.

Our next performers:
Judith Weir: Pat Spence: Matthew Amanda Bates: Roanne Finch and Adam Szecowka.

Why I Go To StoryTelling Corner.

  1. I love stories. I love the craft of storytelling: I love listening to story tellers.

  2. I want to offer a stage to other story tellers in a unique setting. A 250+ year old basement

  3. I love to see the audience meet with the performers face to face to talk about their stories.

  4. Each StoryTelling Corner donates the admission, £3, to our Charity of Choice.

Join us at Temperance Cafe.