StoryTelling Corner: 30th July. Poetry and Prose...some very deep ****.


StoryTelling Corner: 30th July. Poetry and Prose...some very deep ****.

Many of us go through life making decisions on a downward spiral, with no sat-nav, taking the wrong turn at every junction until we come to the end of the road. Is it a cul de sac? Is it the road to the edge of the cliffs and which is the more preferable?

  • Can that journey be reversed? Or, can a little known, uncharted road be found along the darkest of roads? Can we meet the person who shines a light into the darkness and joins us on the journey back to a better destination?

These were the questions which were answered last night at StoryTelling Corner (30th July). The questions were posed by our storytellers who had been on the spiral and had found a way back.

They entertained us with their life stories, their poetry and their performances.

Some of us have alter-egos, talents which allow us to shapeshift from our everyday personalities into artists comfortable in both roles, as happy to walk through life as 'normal' members of society as they are rebels and poets.

These performers brought comedy and laughter to the evening, humour and a smile.

The Yin and Yang of a storytelling event.

3 reasons for coming to StoryTelling Corner:

  1. You are a storyteller, author, poet and story lover...

  2. To meet other like-minded people, network, advertise your craft and market your books...

  3. To improve your performance skills to a live audience and be marketed on social media...

I had a great time, Temperance Cafe, Leamington Spa is a wonderful venue, friendly and historic, over 250 years old and full of stories itself.

You see since I live in Leamington and have been searching for a venue for storytelling which matches the ancient skills of communicating emotion.

I have enjoyed EVERY single event over two years and am so grateful to the storytellers and the people who have made up the audiences. 

As far as the event went, I had very productive meetings with really interesting people who can move the company forward. I also met a bunch of new contacts, and I'm expecting some of them to come on board as storytellers over the next few months. 

If you want to see some photos from the event, you can either click on ...

We have some really cool guests coming soon, looking forward to you getting to meet them.

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