Did I Meet A Black Jesus?


Have you ever been with a healer?

Something very  strange happened to me a while ago and there are people who will throw their heads back, laughing, and other who will support me and realize that this is not so extraordinary.

For most people, my story will get 40% scratching their head and 40% calling it BS. That's fine, I don't mind.

 As some people know, two years ago, I ruptured my Achilles tendon. When I went to the GP, I  thought that it was just a calf strain which would clear up with rest. It didn't. After doing three weeks worth of Tai chi classes and walking in and out of town a physiotherapist friend of mine insisted that I go to the A&E.

At Warwick, I had an x-ray and the results came back with no bones broken but they were worried about my Achilles tendon. They put me in a boot and, if you've seen those things, it can be uncomfortable. The boot came halfway up the leg and was damned difficult to walk in.

So, I wore this boot but was told that it probably wouldn't be any good because I'd left it too long. The ruptured tendon was more severe than even I thought and could have meant an operation but they needed me to have the boot on for six weeks. So I wore or had been wearing the boot for a week when three days in I was walking through Leamington Spa. I was down by the railway station and a young black guy approached me with a smile stopped me in the street and said
"What would you say if I told you that you could go round that corner take the boot off and your leg would be better."

Well tell me what would you say?  A complete stranger with deep eyes, a great smile and we continued to converse for three to four minutes before shaking hands and leaving.

 Of course I didn't take my boot off at the corner.  I made my way home and went to sleep.  Next day I woke up and, as I got out of bed, something felt strange, the ankle didn't feel as weak as it had done the previous day. In fact, It felt a lot stronger, so strong in fact, that I decided not to use the boot and noticed that for the first time in about nine weeks I could raise my heel off the ground. I could take my Tai Chi classes without the boot on and walk over 10,000 steps.

Now you tell me have I just met the black Jesus. What do you think?


From <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bet0dn9Cwns>