Why We Do What We Do!

Telling your story isn't easy. Everyone knows that feeling of facing a live audience.

But we have always been passionate about working with these people to become more comfortable and more confident in the situation.

But how much more anxious can you be than facing that live audience to talk about the dark side of your life? At StoryTelling Corner we're constantly working to offer a safe stage to our storytellers, authors and poets.

We are working on a plan to have performers consistently lining up to appear in the evenings to come.

Every month we need the storytellers, we need the audience but we also need charities who want to be part of the evening with the opportunity to talk to us and to receive the door money as a donation.

Why do we do this?

Easy, because over two years we have listened to amazing stories, been entertained by real entertainers, supported by wonderful people and been able to help, in our own way, some wonderful charities.

This needs to continue and grow.
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