StoryTelling Corner. Words and Music...a global performance.

StoryTelling Corner rounded off September with another evening of entertainment with an emotional ride through life and through Peru. Our performers: Michelle Quigley, Roanne Finch, Eduardo Jara, Stephen Boyer, Bob Cooper and the wonderful Ana Parva, took us on an emotional ride through life and through the history of a Peruvian village.

The evening was in danger of being disrupted by illness to the families of two performers but was saved by the artists we booked and two members of the audience who stepped in to deliver their stories in songs and poetry.

Stephen opened with the story of our Charity, Jessie’s Fund, who work with young children through music. Stephen is a local representative and works on their behalf along with other charities in the area.
Michelle, a first-time performer on our stage delivered her own personal story of the ups, downs and recovery from struggles to life on an even keel.
Roanne came along two months ago and performed her poetry. Tonight she put her hand up to fill a slot left open by two of our booked performers not being able to attend. Roanne delivered two poems, from memory. This lady is awesome.
Robert Cooper stepped in to fill the other slot with his guitar and song performances of a journey through the United States. Bob has a lifetime spent playing the guitar and composing songs based on his life and his mixture of comedy and music always guarantees entertainment.
The break allowed us to relax and talk to friends in the atmospheric surrounds of Temperance Cafe and waited eagerly for our second half.

Eduardo Jara, Ever since migrating from Peru, Eduardo has devoted his time into his work as a theatre practitioner. His work consists of the development of what he calls "the great Peruvian Commedia" based on his work on Italian masked comedy form: Commedia dell'Arte. He'll share with us an extract from his one-man-show featuring masks and live music. It promises to be a silly and dynamic act! The pre-event blurb did little justice to Eduardo’s performance, a history of a Peruvian village from it’s inception to the civil war which decimated the country..
Stephen Boyer; We were so happy to embrace Steve to our StoryTelling stage!
Our wonderful performer has worked as a musician for AgeUK and is a fundraiser for Myron Hospice, Helping Hands, Dementia UK, and this month's charity, Jessie's Fund
Stephen expresses his love and passion for all arts and culture and fully embraces creativity. Music will always be his priority, but his lyrics focus on a sense of family which form the cornerstones of his life
Stephen was wonderfully assisted by Ana Parva an incredible musician on violin and flute. Ana simply allowed Stephen to start the song and then she just improvised. A real performer.
We are so excited to see him perform at StoryTelling Corner on the 19th September, 7pm at Temperance Cafe in Leamington Spa in support of the wonderful not-for-profit Jessie's Fund! Tickets are £3 on the door with all proceeds going to Jessie's Fund!