StoryTelling Corner: Review of the evening's entertainment.

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We began StoryTelling Corner by thanking our sponsors for the evening https://spacomputers.com/ for their constant support and we thank our storytellers and entertainers for the evening.
From the left: Roanne Finch: Michelle Quigley, Ana Parva,Ernie Boxall, Robert Cooper, Stephen Boyer. Back Row: Eduardo Jara and Roger Greasby. Our thanks to our social media partner, Rhianna Davis-McCrorie for taking the picture.

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Our Charity of Choice was Jessie’s Fund, based in York, has operations throughout England to help children with physical and emotional dis-abilities to discover the power of music.
Stephen Boyer opened by talking about his work as an Ambassador for Jessie’s Fund in the local area. Stephen is a well known guitarist and composer who does tremendous work with charities.
Michelle Quigley made her first appearance at StoryTelling Corner with poetry/prose about the traumas of early life. It was, in fact, her first appearance before a live audience with her own story which makes Michelle one hell of a woman and a champion fighter- ‘6 Rounds of Championship Storytelling’.
We then welcomed our first musician, Robert Cooper, who had simply come along just in case and found himself entertaining us with his unique mix of music composed around his own life. Robert’s comedic rendition of his own walk through a park was followed up with a bluesy song and finished with his composition of a road trip to Nashville, USA.
Roanne Finch, brilliant filled a slot left by a no-show when she stepped out and delivered two of her poems from memory (anyone who knows me, knows how much credence I put on the ability to do this). This was Roanne’s second appearance at StoryTelling Corner and, hopefully, will not be her last. Thank you, Roanne.
After the break: We were introduced to one of the performances of 2019 by Eduardo Jara. Eduardo has graduated from the University of Warwick and is developing his one man show based around the myths and tales from his native country, Peru. In the first sketch, Eduardo, played the role of a hen-catcher with comedy and pathos.
Eduardo’s second role was the fact/ional story from a mythical village in Peru which became the setting for the tale told to him by his father based on the history of ‘anywhere Peru’ through the 19th and 20th century. Eduardo brought us to a cliff-hanger ending of tis portion of his show with a truck rolling through the village followed by soldiers.
Our evening was brought to a close with Stephen Boyer who was brilliantly accompanied by Ana Parva. I had not been introduced to Ana previously so I was unprepared for the sheer brilliance of her work with Stephen. Now, Stephen is such an accomplished musician and composer that to see Ana listen for a few seconds and then play along to songs she has never heard before brought the event to a cescendo end.
Finally, we want to thank Temperance Cafe, Bath Street, Leamington Spa for their support in the past and into 2020.
Special mention for StroyTelling Corner’s publicist and social media expert Rhianna Davis-McCrorie.

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Storytelling! Why Why Do I Put As Much Energy Into Performing To An Audience of Two As To An Audience Of Two Hundred?

A week ago (23rd May, 2019) I performed the opening of my one-man storytelling show in Leamington Spa. The event wasn’t meant to have happened so quickly and I was lucky that I had a ready made outline of a story.
But, when I realised that no one had bought tickets and with a few days to go had no idea if anyone would pay at the door, I was left with a choice.

  1. To send out a message that the evening had been cancelled.

  2. Go ahead with the evening, advertise it as a one-man storytelling show and see what happens.

    I decided on the second option and turned up with my slides, my props and my story determined to put on a show whether anyone turned up or not.

    You never know who is in the audience even an audience of two. This performance was to a social media expert and a photographer. I played a one hour, one-man show and put my heart and soul into it.
    As it turns out the next event looks like being a sell out because they know people and they know people who are storytellers, authors and story lovers.

    1. What if I had called off?

    2. What if I had sold them short. Would this performance have been my last?

      Make the audience go home remembering you. For all the right reasons.
      If you are a storyteller, an author, a poet or a story lover our next event is on Thursday 20th, June at Temperance Cafe, 33 Bath Street, Leamington Spa. CV31 3AF.
      7 pm.
      £3 at the door with donations going to Hibbs Lupus Trust, this month.