Networking is about being ‘Known-Liked-Trusted’. That’s true, isn’t it?

Everyone knows that the best way to achieve that is through the 1- 2 -1 meeting with fellow business owners and networkers. Or, is that a fallacy? 
Eventually, you will walk away with a pocket full of business cards from people who have talked about: Who they are: Where they are located: What they do: Who they want to talk to.

You and I know that by the time we get home, we may not remember the name and/or the face of the people who gave you the cards or gave the presentation. There is a quote I live by from Patricia Fripp "People will not remember what you say, as much as what they see when you say it. 
So how do you become memorable in a room for 10 - 20 - 30 or more fellow business owners?

How is it some people make more impact than others at network meetings? We discuss this here:

1. Are they comfortable standing in front of a live audience?
2. Do they have confidence in the message they are delivering? 
3. Do they know from past experience that they can inspire people in the audience?

How do some people become more comfortable, more confident and more inspiring than others when talking to a live audience or a video camera?

1. Do they prepare their presentation through a process of editing?
2. Do they practice their presentation until they can reproduce it without notes or from bullet points?
3. Is their posture one of relaxed confidence. 
4. Do they use their hands, eyes and body to engage the audience?
5. Do they perform to the audience or the camera? For the time of the presentation, they are performers, there to educate and entertain the people attending?

What lessons could you and I learn from the top speakers in our field?

1. Do we turn up to every presentation with a specific purpose?
2. Do we stand up ready to make an impact?
3. Do we speak to the whole room by changing the tone, volume and speed of our voices so that everyone can hear us and everyone feels as if we are speaking just to them?

What methods do the top speakers use to make a difference to the audience?

1. Do they use props?
2. Do they swear, to shock and drive home a point in a down to earth style. Or just to shock? 
3. Are they naturally brilliant speakers who have learned and honed their craft over many years?

How do I make maximum impact with minimum words?

1. I ask questions to open or make a statement.
2. I act out a character or perform for the audience.
3. I use my body, my eyes and my hands to connect with the audience.
4. I make every word and every pause count.

How do I leave a Call To Action?
1. I make an offer.
2. I ask for comments or questions.
3. I make the last few words positive.

What do I do next?
1. CRM. I put the business contacts into the CRM.
2. I follow up with a phone call if I know them well Or
3. I follow up with an email if necessary to arrange a meeting.
So, together we can turn up with a purpose, stand up to make an impact and speak up to be memorable but remember:
"People will (still) not remember what you say, as much as what they see when you say it."
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