The Story of StoryTelling Corner...

Where We Are Now!

 We're about to enter the 14th month of StoryTelling Corner, so I thought I'd share some of the show's progress with you.

In the first full year of the show, we completed 7 episodes and attracted some 30 storytellers to Slate Art Gallery in Leamington Spa here in the centre of England. In the beginning, I was working with four brilliant friends who were invaluable in social media, audio/video and sponsorship. Every single episode was an amalgamation of sweat and tears but also laughter and great evenings. After 7 months into the project, Slate Gallery closed and for a while it was touch and go as to whether we survived. I lost three of the four friends through outside influences and my failure to really tie down my appreciation for their work. But, the end of one studio opened the door to our present location at Temperance Café in Leamington Spa, which is where we are now...

 In 2018, our first event came around the end of October which gave me the opportunity to introduce the first 'theme' of StoryTelling Corner, 'War and Humour'. It allowed us to tie in with 'Help For Heroes' and donate all of the money taken at the door to the charity. That is a unique statement from the company. The door money from every event will be donated to charity.

 People often ask me about the aims of STC. Quite simply, they are to offer a stage to storytellers and authors to publicise their crafts to a live audience. To entertain and educate people who love books, love stories and have a desire to promote the art of storytelling.

 Right now, we are booking guests through to our March event. I already 3 storytellers for our March evening  in "the bank." Which means, the event has an audience and attracts the authors and storytellers from around the country.

 Our first evening attracted around eight pair of ears to listen to three brilliant stories about war which actually did have us laughing and, in the end, crying. Our last evening attracted 16 people and our highest audience has been 24.

 We are nowhere near where I want to be yet, but I'm happy with where we're going. And I sincerely want to thank you for all your support. It's truly mind-blowing, and I appreciate every kind word and thoughtful comment people make on social media and the comments people email into the office.

 I also have to tell you, the support and encouragement from all the people involved in STC, whether storytellers, the audience and Adrian and the people at Temperance. It has been absolutely overwhelming.  I am extremely humbled by, and grateful for all the kind words...And all the criticism...I welcome it.

 So, the journey is fun, it's hard work... but definitely never a grind. With you're help and support, we've come a long way.

 Thank you for listening, reading and for all your ongoing support. Share this email with your friends, and...
If you are in the vicinity of Leamington Spa, just contact me at ernie@erniesaid.info and let me welcome you to our community