An introduction into Turn Up - Stand Up - Speak Up the programme for:
Knowing the Purpose of your presentation:
Understanding the Impact speaking can make on an audience:
Valuing your Performance to be Memorable:

The SAID INTRODUCTION is for you if 'Sleepless nights - Anxiety - Dread' describe your emotions as your turn to speak approaches.

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A small, supportive group of like business owners and networkers all looking to take their presentations to the next level.

1-2-1 WORKSHOPS: - 6 sessions for Expenses

Get the "System to Make an Impact with Your Business Presentation!"

On a scale of 0-10 where 0 is confident, and 10 is frantic…where is your anxiety level when you are asked to speak?

When you meet a business colleague for the first time, how comfortable are you sitting across the table and talking about your business?

At network presentations, which words describe your emotions stirring as you wait your turn to speak? Anxiety? Dread? Fear?

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Ernie SAID presenting at a formal business network event.

Ernie SAID presenting at a formal business network event.

This workshop covers:

·       How to introduce yourself and your business.

·       How to make your business presentation stand out.

·       How to make an impact on your delivery

You leave the session with practical tips to improve your Preparation, Practice, Posture & Presentation.

You reap the benefits of having worked with two professional practitioners skilled in quelling anxiety. The workshop involves introducing yourself in 20 words and evaluating your performances & speech.

If you are interested in taking the first steps towards turning your emotions from ‘Booming heart rate-Anxiety-Dread’ to ‘Comfortable-Confident-Inspired’ contact us by phone at 07962 216833

P S. I’ll buy the coffee…

“No one remembers what you say, as much as what they see when you say it” Patricia Fripp

Turn Up - Stand Up - Speak Up...    

A deep dive into the techniques to improve your presentation and make a lasting impact with your speech, with a focus on the Relaxation technique.

The SAID FULL DAY WORKSHOP delivers the skills you use to make yourself and your business memorable and increases the ROI of your presentations.
On this SAID Full Day workshop, you go more deeply into the art of the 4 Ps Of Perfect Presentations. You drive away with the 10 Tips of Perfect Presentations: A personal workbook with space for your actions and a video recording of your final presentation.


Ernie SAID presenting a half day workshop for private group.

Ernie SAID presenting a half day workshop for private group.


 “I attended one of Ernie's Speaking Workshops today, and it was fantastic. I came away with numerous top tips on how to present professionally, confidently and eloquently. Ernie truly is a master at this. I have been impressed with his memorable presentations for years, and now I have had a chance to learn from the Master himself! I would highly recommend not only this workshop but any of Ernie's speaking courses. If you have issues with any aspect of public speaking, then he is the 'go-to' man. Thanks, Ernie, I look forward to putting your advice to good use in growing my business. It stands out not just for the content, but the interaction created by Ernie, Fay and Roger. Definitely recommended, even for seasoned professionals!" Sue Hearn Zenith Cost Consultancy

The unique part of these workshops will be the techniques to quell anxiety delivered by professional practitioners in EFT and Hypnotism. The sessions will introduce you to techniques which have already worked on business owners whose anxiety levels were way above 10 in a scale of 0 to 10. On a recent workshop, two very successful business owners spent no more than 10 minutes with the practitioners before speaking to a group for over one minute.

The Ernie SAID Guarantee 

By the end of every workshop you:

  • KNOW how to prepare your next presentation

  • HAVE practiced your presentation and made it MORE memorable

  • DISCOVERED how to stand up, so that EVERYONE can see you

  • PRACTICED speaking up so that everyone HEARS you.

How much does that mean to you?

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