Network Event Speaker

Short edit of Ernie entertaining a network group in Dronfield, Derbyshire, about how he came to be a speaker - speaking about being a speaking mentor!


Who is Ernie?

Listen to George speak about his life which is all about following his dream. George is Ernie's alter ego and the speech took place at 'Spa Speakers' - a Toastmasters International group in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.


Your Audio Business card - 5 Elements Pt.2

Ernie introduces the 2nd Element of Business to a group at the Leamington Town Hall.


Ice Breaker Speech

Ernie's 1st ever speech at Toastmasters to show some of the common mistakes that all speakers make early on in their career.



Dr. Peter Hirst's Testimonial for Full Day workshop.

Peter runs Peter Hirst Coaching and had a very enlightening day on the course.


Sarah's Testimonial for Turn Up - Stand Up - Speak Up

Sarah was very satisfied with how her 3 hour workshop at Squab hall went.


Derek's Testimonial for Ernie SAID ...

Derek offered this video testimonial after taking part in a 2 hour workshop and being highly impressed with the running and information.


Steve Hone, CEO & founder of Data Centre Alliance's Testimonial

Steve offered his video testimonial after a 1 day workshop at the Ramada Hotel in Coventry.